It’s that time of the year, I guess


Games for Win­dows Live is being relaunched again.

Con­sid­er­ing all the fun I had last time, I per­son­ally can’t wait for this. I am sure we’re all very excited to see if the Mar­ket­place will actu­ally allow us non-Americans to spend our money once this merger goes through.

That would be incred­i­ble. Then they’d just need to do some­thing about their hor­ri­ble client, the hor­ri­ble restric­tions it places on games, the hor­ri­ble infra­struc­ture it allows games to use, and all the other ways in which it cur­rently tries so very hard to make games unbuyable, unpatch­able, and unplayable. If they then also were to start tak­ing poten­tial secu­rity issues seri­ously, then we might finally have reached a point where it stops detract­ing value from the games it is inflicted upon.

Or, of course, this could be yet another attempt at “rebrand­ing” the same mis­er­able junk “ser­vice” they’ve had for years. It cer­tainly wouldn’t be the first time they put out press release about how the ser­vice is going to improve.

So far, it hasn’t won many peo­ple over.

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