Panic-time is over

It’s been a bit quiet on this blog for a while. The last month or so has been bru­tal. By May 16th, I had to be out of my old apart­ment (long story), mean­ing I’ve had to find another place to live pretty urgently.

With­out get­ting into all the painful details, I’ve spent most of the last month or two try­ing to find a new apart­ment, and this past week­end was spent mov­ing out of our old apart­ment, paint­ing it and fix­ing it up. It’s been stress­ful, and it hasn’t left much time for any­thing else.

Until July 1st, when I get to move into the new apart­ment, I’ll be liv­ing on a friend’s couch, so things aren’t quite back to nor­mal yet. But the worst part is over, and hope­fully I’ll be able to spend a bit of time now on inter­est­ing things, such as blog­ging, cod­ing and blog­ging about coding.

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2 Responses to Panic-time is over

  1. Dan says:


    Good luck w/ all the changes. Glad the big push is (mostly) behind you.

    I enjoy read­ing your blog and your answers (espe­cially per­tain­ing to C++) on SO.

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