Empty statement of intent

I just want it on record that I intend to actu­ally bring my STM library into a feature-complete, robust and well-documented state, and then release it to the world.

I have been work­ing on it on and off for the last cou­ple of months (although the pace slowed down a lot when I started at my new job), and it is actu­ally in pretty good shape. To the best of my knowl­edge (it is dif­fi­cult to be sure when it comes to mul­ti­threaded code), there are no race con­di­tions or other nasty bugs. It is basi­cally fea­ture com­plete, although I’m still work­ing on improv­ing the per­for­mance of some of them.

And the doc­u­men­ta­tion is, of course, totally miss­ing. I’ve got every­thing I wrote for my mas­ters the­sis, but a major rewrite is in order since the focus is now very dif­fer­ent. Another start­ing point is this, but obvi­ously, there’s quite a bit of work left on the doc­u­men­ta­tion as well.

But it came up in a dis­cus­sion with a bunch of quite clever pro­gram­mers who expressed inter­est in it, and since it’s always been my inten­tion to release it some day, and since I’m actu­ally get­ting fairly close to being sat­is­fied with its state, well, I might as well put this up here for the world to see:

DikuSTM lives!

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2 Responses to Empty statement of intent

  1. Matthieu M. says:

    That’s a great news indeed :)

  2. jalf says:

    Well, here come the bad news. I’ve been ridicu­lously busy and stressed out lately, and since I wrote this blog post, pre­cisely zero lines of code have been writ­ten on the project. And it’ll prob­a­bly be another month or so at least before things set­tle down. Still, it’s the thought that counts, right?

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